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Dear Associate,

The wait is over!

Beginning Tuesday December 1, 2015 at midnight MST time you will be able to place your official order for TruVision Health’s highly anticipated, power packed, exclusive TruWeight&Energy GEN2. This new formula is brimming with health benefits that you will love! The name and results speak for themselves, so for those of you that fell in love with the original TruWeight&Energy you can now enjoy an even more powerful version! We can’t wait for you and those you love to try this leading weight management tool for yourself.

Just in nick of time for the holidays TruWeight&Energy GEN2 is available in our holiday direct mailer. The crew here and TruVision Health worked over time to come up with a fun tool that would allow you to enjoy a very exclusive way to share TruVision Health’s powerful message this holiday season. The best sampling program in the world!

What better way to share holiday cheer this year than with the TruVision Health direct mailer, it’s like a Christmas card, only better! You’ll be moved to the top of all your family and friends favorites list when you share with them the gift of TruVision health trail pack.

There are a couple ways you can spread the festive message of TruVision Health mailers; You can have them drop shipped directly to their address by using the TruVision Direct Mailer program (card designs sent randomly), or you can order them in bulk with SKU# 9002 for the Lump of Coal or SKU# 9003 for the Red Ball card. They are beautiful, clever, and full of cheer, available in two versions so you can mix and match, both of them are equally useful (while supplies last and available to those sample qualified ).

Thank you for being Tru,
The TruVision Health Corp Team


TruVision Health is committed to the highest levels of efficacy and safety in our product offering. Recently, an ingredient present in our TruWeight & Energy, AMP Citrate, has recently come under scrutiny by the FDA. While we believe this to be a safe ingredient in our formula, we also recognize the FDA’s authority to regulate the availability of ingredients.

There are many ways to formulate products to bring about an intended result. Even if AMP Citrate is eventually made unavailable, David Brown is already in possession of the next generation formula that will provide our customers the same or superior level of efficacy that our associates have come to expect from our products. Shortly we will begin phasing out the current Weight & Energy and phasing in the next generation Weight & Energy. We are committed in striving to continue to make a difference in the war against obesity.

The responses thus far:

“Guys, I am SO EXCITED!!! I can tell you that we are in GREAT hands! Dave Brown and Corp is so ahead of the game! Trust us when we tell you that if you liked the original formula, you will LOVE this Generation 2! smile emoticon Stay tuned bc more GREAT info is coming soon!!! If you think things have been good…we are about to take things to a NEW LEVEL!!!   I am so proud to be a part of this company and completely trust our founders and Dave Brown!! Great things ahead everyone!!!”

“This has been coming and it did not take our leaders by surprise. Dave has been preparing for it from the beginning!!! The new generation of truweight and energy will be even better than the original!!! I’m very excited!!!”

“I’m not worry.. Dave Brown will take care of us”


Due to the new product rolling out, Truvision Health’s Trufix & Truweight and Energy is in short demand.  They will sell until it is no longer available.  If you need some, I would order now.  Patsy McManus


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    November 13, 2016

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    si quiero el nuevo producto””

    • Patsy McManus
      November 22, 2016

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      Tengo el nuevo TruControl, pero se está vendiendo por $ 23.95 en ebay ahora mismo. Si usted lo desea, usted podría enviarme un pago paypal a mí como amigo a patsy@robertmcmanus.com por $ 20 cada uno. Voy a enviar gratis.

  2. enedeliarodriguez111@gmail.com
    December 18, 2016

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    estoy interesada en el nuevo producto pero estoy confundida son dos prodoctos?

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