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How can I get max results? Do I need to follow a meal plan or exercise? Here are my tips I have followed along the way. **Each person is different so results will be different but if you follow the tips you will see results** 1. Take your pills everyday. Consistency is the key. Put an alarm on your phone to remind you. We cant expect results if we tend to skip doses along the way. You can take 1 blue 1 green in the am and 1 blue 1 green in the afternoon. I suggest 4-5 hours after your first dose but everyone is different. Find what works for you on your schedule. If you have a sensitive stomach, be sure to eat before you take them. If you find your still sensitive, space about an hour between the blue and then the green for each dose.  2. This product wasn’t designed for a specific meal plan or exercise. But of course results are greater if ones are implemented. Be sure to eat! You will get the jitters or feel sick if you are not putting in food for your system to work. Low carb life style for some is perfect with Tru V… others may find that watching calories works for them. If you are dealign with hormonal issues, thyroid issues, PCOS, you will find that low carb can best suite your system.  3. Water intake is tricky. Too much water can slow you down and too little water can cause you not to lose. The best way to determine this is watch your urine. The clearer the better. Stay hydrated as this is helping you shed those toxins in your system. 4. Support and motivation is a must. This group was created to help you along your goals. We all like having someone to turn to or go to even with just some inspiration. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us. We all have tips and tricks to help. Not losing weight can be very frustrating but maybe we can see what you are doing that may cause you not to lose weight. Lean on us! 5. Protein is a huge factor in helping your body. It feeds your muscles and keeps you metabolism going. It leans you out causing you to tighten your skin. Always try to get protein in your meals. Fill up on that more than just the sides. Watch what you eat. If you tend to eat bad foods the product is taking longer to fix your system. Lower your carb intake and sugar intake. Make small goals and changes. You will succeed greatly! 6. Don’t panic if you gain weight. We will fluctuate. With the energy creating you to be more active you are building you muscles. Ladies we will fluctuate during the times of the month. This is not a set back in your journey. Sometimes we see that we gain 6lbs and then a week later we drop 10lbs. This does happen as your system is trying to rebel against the changes. 7. Don’t panic when you have a cheat meal. If we try to change things our body is use to right off the bat we can set ourselves up for failure. Let the product work for you. If you drink a soda and it tastes nasty, take this as a hint the product says you don’t need it. If your body craves certain food there is a reason. Our bodies have gone along time and picked up on the routines we have developed. It was an addiction. We are breaking those addictions with our products. 8. Detox is the number one factor why people quit the products too soon. There are several remedies to help speed this process up. Epsom salt baths are a huge help. The Epsom salt can be purchased anywhere. I personally use the ones that do not have anything in them like oils. This is because I want its truest form helping me and not adding to toxins that we get everyday already with soaps, perfumes, etc. Take 1-2 cups and put it in a warm to hot bath. Yes you will sweat as this is removing the toxins in your system. Soak for 15-20mins. Do not wash yourself, just soak. Take a book to read or relax or turn on the music. I have heard the Epsom salt scrub works great to, to add to your routine. This will open your pores more and release more toxins. How many times do I do this? I personally do it 3x a weeks but you can do it every day. The more you do it the more you wont have detoxing effects. 9. As the TruFix is going through our system to regulate it we will see changes. This could be effecting your menstrual cycle ladies and it will level out. We also could be seeing more urine production. All these changes will level out just remain consistent. 10. Remind yourself to take pictures and measurements. A lot of times we cant see the changes unless there is proof. You don’t have to show us but this is a track record for yourself. It is important because we look at ourselves all the time so changes will be hard to see. When we show others who don’t see us daily they pick up the changes quickly. How awesome would it be 6 months from now you looked back at the start of your journey and said wow what a difference. Or I know I could see it! We all have something to be proud of regardless if its 3 lbs or only inches! YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS. START SMALL AND CREATE BIGGER ONES! WHEN YOU TRULY DECIDE THAT THIS IS YOUR TIME THERE IS NOTHING STOPPING YOU FROM ACHIEVING THOSE GOALS!!

*Bitter Orange / One of our ingredients found in Tru Weight & Energy. Formulated with safe amounts to work synergistically with our other ingredients. 
By Monica French on Thursday, June 25, 2015 at 9:50am  
Bitter Orange brings great benefits when used in the correct amounts and when used with other ingredients that it works synergistically with. 
Currently traditional uses of bitter orange are for heartburn, appetite supression, nasal congestion, weight loss, limiting cravings of all sorts, blood pressure health, fat burning and more. 
Bitter orange is good for the vascular system, as well. It can help regulate the fat levels in the blood and lower blood sugar levels in people who have diabetes. It stimulates the circulation and it has cleansing properties, purifying the blood.
Last but not least, bitter orange can bring improvement to concerns such as anemia, hair loss, allergies, insomnia & chronic fatigue syndrome.
There will be times that UNEDUCATED people will make derogatory comments to you when you are sharing our products. It is important for you to have a better understanding as you share. Someone had a such comment and Georgia, who has a degree in Natural Medicine, posted this. I feel each of you can benefit from learning more about the product you share. BITTER ORANGE is often mentioned in conversations such as these…. the response from Georgia should help you with better understanding.
First of all our products contain predominately nutrition based ingredients. We DO NOT have epinephrine or pseudoephedrine in our products. If someone refers to the bitter orange in a derogatory way then let’s educate ourselves. Bitter orange is a plant in which the flower, fruit or fruit juice and peel are used to make nutritional products. It is used in ephedra free products as ephedra was banned in 2004 (quite a shame if you ask me).
The substance used from the bitter orange is called synephrine. People using MAOI ( specific medications for depression should not use bitter orange or if someone were to have surgery using versed should stop using the product at least 2 weeks before surgery. Bitter orange does have a stimulant ability. So it can have an effect on the central nervous system and could cause some to feel “jittery”.
Bitter orange is often used in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) as it has many wonderful aspects about it from gastrointestinal issues to tired blood. Due to the chemical and pharmacological similarity about the biological effects of synephrine and phenylephrine (such as Afrin or sudafed) they are NON THE LESS DIFFERENT SUBSTANCES.
Although bitter orange, in all its forms, is good for our health, you should talk to your doctor and make sure it’s safe to consume or use it. Having your doctor understand the amounts of bitter orange used are just enough to work synergistically with the other ingredients will be key to safety concerns. Our formula is ‘complemented’ with Bitter Orange not saturated 😉 Safety is always our formulators first concern.


CITRUS AURANTIUM EXTRACT POWDER (A/K/A BITTER ORANGE EXTRACT):   CITRUS AURANTIUM EXTRACT POWDER A/K/A bitter orange are for heartburn, appetite supression, nasal congestion, weight loss, limiting cravings of all sorts, blood pressure health, fat burning and more. Bitter orange is good for the vascular system, as well. It can help regulate the fat levels in the blood and lower blood sugar levels in people who have diabetes. It stimulates the circulation and it has cleansing properties, purifying the blood.  Last but not least, bitter orange can bring improvement to concerns such as anemia, hair loss, allergies, insomnia & chronic fatigue syndrome.

Dendrobium is one of fifty of fundamental herbs in traditional medicine. It is found in certain species of the Orchid family. The complexity of the plant is largely attributed to its unique profile of alkaloids, such as: Dendrine, Nobiline, Nobilonine, etc (Dr. Duke Phytochemical Database). Extracts enriched in dendrobium alkaloids show many beneficial effects, including: increased focus, enhanced confidence, and increased energy. Unlike other stimulants these effects are not typically seen with an increase in blood pressure. Because of Dendrobium’s unique properties it is considered to be highly effective when coupled with Theacrine in helping individuals obtain their weight loss goals.

Evodaimine: In addition to encouraging an elevated metabolic rate, evodiamine can help to prevent fatty substance uptake in our regular dietary activity.

Green Tea Extract: EGCG (30%): Green Tea boasts many wonderful health benefits, not the least of which are antioxidant and pro-metabolic actions. EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate is one of the primary sources of antioxidant and metabolic benefits found in Green Tea.

Hordenine HCL: is found in a variety of plants. It is used to increase the metabolizing of fat and provide a steady source of energy.

Korean Ginseng: Has been used for centuries for its health promoting benefits. Some of those reported benefits include energy, strengthening the immune system, stress reduction, mental clarity, etc.

Methylcobalamin: Also known as B-12 it can normalize appetite and give greater levels of energy thus fighting fatigue. It is also known to lessen muscle pain and promote better sleep. It can enhance mood, and combat mild levels of depression. It also contributes to clarity of thought and focus. It contributes to overall motivation to maintain an active life style.

N-Acetyl Cysteine: Cysteine is one of the 22 base amino acids, which are the fundamental compounds from which all proteins are formed. Many important hormones such as thyroid compounds, epinephrine, dopamine and many others are produced in the body out of cysteine. As such, Cysteine provides the building blocks for the natural mood elevating and mentally clarifying compounds our bodies produce every day.

Niacinamide: Also known as B-3 is found in many foods. It is used to combat high cholesterol, assist circulation, and reduce migraine headaches. It is also used to help control blood sugar. It has been used by individuals to address ADHD, Alzheimer’s, deression, and even acne.

Theacrine: Chemically similar to caffeine, Theacrine is a naturally derived compound that increases metabolism and alertness, though it appears to do so without the development of dependence and tolerances that some individuals experience with caffeine. Theacrine is a truly unique and beneficial ingredient.

Trimethylglycine (TMG): is a compound from which many other mood elevating compounds, such as dopamine and melatonin, are derived in the body. TMG also helps provide DNA with the building blocks it needs to successfully replicate, maintaining the integrity of cellular DNA.

Yohimbine: Is used to provide energy. It is also used to improve erectile function.

Benzylamine HCL: is used to help regulate blood sugar thus inhibiting blood sugar spikes which in turn helps minimize insulin spikes.
Natural Caffeine & Caffiene Citrate: In addition to supporting an elevated metabolic rate, Caffeine prompts the release of adrenals that dilate the blood vessels and make it easier for nutrients and energy to flow into and out of cells.

When using natural ingredients you will find many different approaches to their uses and many different interpretations taken of their safety and abilities to encourage the body positively will always be left to the opinions of many. In creating products that reflect on the reputation of Tru Vision Health we will always first consider the health and safety of our customers. Each ingredient is used with the highest level of consideration for each individual who will enjoy the benefits of our products. Always see your pharmacist for assistance in making the decision to use Tru Vision’s Tru W&E with your current medications. See your doctor as well and share the ingredients with them for taking under their supervision.


I am finally going to post my story! I was born with a genetic heart defect and had to have open heart surgery when I was 7. My parents were told that I would most likely not live to be 18. If I did, i would probably be mentally challenged. Well, hello! I managed to live long past their expectations and thought I had a quality of life, such as I knew.

Another heart scare almost three years ago made me realize that my quality of life wasn’t as good as it could be. I was really too heavy for my poor heart to handle and a flaming diabetic on top of that! A wonderful friend just INSISTED that I try Truvision.

I finally gave in and became serious with it on August 24,2015. At the heaviest I had ever been in my life and taking a meal’s worth of medications plus 2 shots a day for diabetes, I felt like poop, physically and emotionally.

The heart medication was the first to go. Cardiologist said no sign of atril fibrilation on my internal monitor; so I was allowed off the meds!

Then a week ago was the all-important A1c blood work. Today, my doctor personally called me to ask me what I was doing. My A1C had gone from a 9 to a 6.3! I was a two shot, three pill a day diabetic. Now,the doctor is saying, for the first time in 10 years, I may be shot free!!

I feel amazing! I have an incredible quality of life, feeling half my age! Before I would only take pictures with one of my children or hiding behind my husband. Now, at fifty years old, I am a successful, confident woman comfortable in my own skin. Now, I don’t mind a picture by myself! This quote says it all for me:”Don’t ever call me cocky or conceited. I spent a lot of time hating the way I look. Let me love myself for a change.”
Thanks, my friend, and, thanks, TriuVision!


Angies Journey:
I love the new me! I am not anywhere near my goal weight. I am not finished with me yet. I think I have come along way from the 377 pound woman who stayed on the couch all day and didn’t want to move. I wore 30/32 and ate all day long. I wanted gastric and they wouldnt approve me. I started March 1st weighing 377. I now weigh 290. Thanks to Truv I no longer am labeled diabetic, no more metformin everyday. No more fluid pills just to be able to walk. My kids wrap their arms around me and their fingers touch. I can drive my car without getting rub marks on my stomach. I am finding the beautiful person in me that i spent many many long years covering her up so nobody could hurt me. I am no longer the victum. I am going to beat this. Im going to soar. Look out 2016 Im on fire now.

Angie used tru V combo pack and Heart and Hydration daily….. she allowed the products to guide her food choices and drank her water consistently. When she felt she had ‘stopped’ losing, she continued faithfully because she understood the concept of how we lose….. it’s like a stair case, up and down with an over all change in us. Before and after photo showed more than the scales as usual!

Tri-fold of Gen 2.2         $70.00